A Merry Farewell to Gluten

As you may recall, I recently took a month off of gluten, and discovered that it was helpful. (If you don’t recall this, then why aren’t you devoting more of your spare memory to my dietary habits? Jeez.)

When I last spoke with you, I was going back on gluten for two weeks, so that I could get the official test for celiac disease. Now that I have done so, here’s the upshot:

  • Luckily, I do not have celiac disease, so I don’t have to worry about stray gluten molecules destroying my health.
  • For over half of the two weeks that I was eating gluten again, I felt vaguely unwell. While this was bothersome, it’s actually a good thing: since there is no test for gluten intolerance, I had been doubting my dietary self-assessment, but the two weeks’ reunion with gluten convinced me: no, I really do feel best on a gluten-free diet.

After the two weeks were over and the test was done, I gratefully re-eliminated gluten products from my diet … and they all lived happily ever after. My plan for the foreseeable future is to continue eating gluten-free. If you offer me breads and cakes, I shall politely decline, and instead shall engulf myself in delicious gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.

Farewell, sweet tiramisu.

8 thoughts on “A Merry Farewell to Gluten

  1. I have faith that you will invent a gluten-free tiramasu, and you will be famous for it, and Alice Waters will want to be your friend, and you will earn millions of dollars and you will take me to Peru and Chile, and life will be grand. So there the end love Ginna

  2. I admire your willpower-and ability-to do without cakes and tiramisu. It is enviable, really, Lulu, and I’m inspired to be more attentive to what goes in my tum-tum.

    1. Thank you, m’squid! It’s a good habit to get into, the tum-tum-watching, I suppose. (And I don’t have to have that much willpower, because I’ve found some astoundingly tasty gluten-free junk foods.)

  3. Can you do a “partial” gluten-free diet –i.e., if you are eating out, or at someone’s house, can you consume a bit of it without suffering?? I’m SO glad you don’t have celiac disease!! W., G.

    1. Ostensibly, yes, although it’s a little risky—I think the longer I don’t eat gluten, the more sensitive I may become to it. I’ll by-and-large avoid it, but I may still be able to nosh on a little now and then. I must start trying to create gluten-free versions of some of my ol’ favorites, like rum cake! (Happily, pavlova is naturally gluten-free.)

  4. Ahoy land-lubber,
    Congrats and keep flying :)
    I am devoting an appropriate amount of memory space to your dietary habits :p
    Tiramisu is an odd thing – I’ve tried Tiramisu ice-cream, and it knocks me out within 5-10 minutes. As in, I go all sleepy and hit my desk!

    I’d say being ‘mostly’ gluten-free and retaining a mild exposure to gluten might help – what if you get stuck in some bizarre land where they use gluten in everything?
    One can’t live just on tea and fruits y’know!

    1. Tiramisu ice cream – hm, interesting! I’m sure this knowledge will come in very handy someday. ;)

      I am going to stay officially gluten-free (not “mostly”); even as is, I get far too many people pressuring, “Aw, but how about just one slice of cake?” Plus, after so many years of being ambiguously ill at frequent intervals, it’s a marvel to have more control over that.

      If I end up in Glutenlandia, well, I can smuggle in thousands of corn tortillas…

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