A photographic tour of the wetlands

I do miss Chile: the grungy bayside splendor of Valparaíso, the other-planetliness of the North, and the endless blue lakes of the South. I do desperately hope to go back someday. Nonetheless, I am often reminded that I am also content in my current California home, uneventful as it may be in comparison.

Davis has wide tree-lined streets, and it’s peaceful enough that I feel safe walking around the neighborhood at night. The town is surrounded by straight country roads and agricultural fields. As an added bonus, a ten-minute drive out of town, there are handsome wetlands. In particular, I enjoy the Vic Fazio Yolo Wildlife Area, which is open to auto tours and walking explorations. During the wet months, there are mirror-shine pools and bristly reeds, interspersed with foraging waterbirds. Once summer comes, the pools are replaced by rich grooved dirt and aggressively blooming sunflowers.

I always forget how close by the wetlands are, but now and then I remember long enough to make an expedition. When I do, I spend a few hours wandering around, and depart with a fresh sense of tranquility. This was the case a few weeks ago, when I spent a Sunday afternoon there, galloping intently around with my camera. Here are my four favorite photos from the walk, followed by a slideshow of even more wetlands photos.

Mysterious contraption.
Somebody's downy feathers, snagged on a bush.
Melilotus growing beside the water.
Sunset waterbirds.

(Alternately, click through and view the photoset on Flickr.)

6 thoughts on “A photographic tour of the wetlands

  1. My fave pic is the one that looks like a pair of truck tire tracks into the mush. Remember when we went to watch the Mexican bats there?

    1. You’re a bat.
      Of course I remember! Whenever I go there, I poke around under the Bypass for bats, but it’s always the wrong season and/or time of day.

  2. I’m paying closer attention to the slideshow now-which I love, natch-but I’m struck by the revelation that I’m not as naturey a girl as you are: pretty as the pictures were, I kept thinking “Ew. Snakes live there.” Nevertheles, Ember asked me to ask you-in my most polite voice-if you will please take her there when she’s a bit older.

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