Animal pairs

I recently finished sorting and processing an assortment of photos, both from my older point-and-shoot camera and from my new-old digital SLR. There were two stray photos that didn’t fit in with any of my garden posts, which I nonetheless wanted to share. And so I shall! It may never be said that I’m not a gigantic pushover when it comes to animals.

My own cats, napping symmetrically.
Quite normal for Davis: two handsome golden retrievers out for an afternoon drive.

The latter scene reminded me of William Wegman’s Weimaraner photography and his dogs-with-hands Sesame Street shorts, which hadn’t crossed my mind in years. Do you remember those? Here’s an especially funny one, in which two bemused dogs create homemade bread:

4 thoughts on “Animal pairs

  1. I’m a little disappointed in the photo of the driving Davis dogs; I’d always thought that hounds were more environmentally conscientious in their transportation choices.

    Here is an animal pair from my neck of the woods: Pencil and Toenail in their Sunday best.


    “gettense 13”

  2. Leeloo and Pixel are the best names ever, especially together.
    I don’t have any animal pairs anymore. They all died. Waaahhhh.
    I’m a bit late to the party on this post (and many others), so it might be a moot point, but if you aren’t already please do continue to post photos, even if they defy categorization.

    1. Thanks for all your leeeervly comments, mine sistar.
      You do have an animal pair, didn’t you know? — your husband and child!

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