Another Poetic Interlude del Museo

You may recall that when I went to the Gustavo Le Paige Museum in San Pedro de Atacama, I found a poem I liked and posted a rough translation. On yesterday’s trip to the Museo Naval y Maritimo, I found another poem that I enjoyed, so once again, I’ll try creating a decent translation — see below. (As always, suggestions for improved translations are welcomed.)

I am the albatross
that waits for you
at the end of the world.
I am the forgotten soul
of the dead sailors
who crossed
Cape Horn
from all the seas
of the earth.
But they did not die
in the raging waves.
Today they fly on my wings,
towards eternity,
in the last crevice
of the Antarctic

– Sara Vial (translation by Hermitina)

4 thoughts on “Another Poetic Interlude del Museo

  1. Ladies, ladies! You’re both right: it’s also Berkeley’s oldest pub, which may have been what Translatee was referring to (and meaning, tehhen, that it is in fact technically also a flavor: that of stale cigarettes and cirrhosis).
    I could be wrong, though. What do I know about drinking and smoking and metaphors?

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