Book Snippets – Intro

I read things. I read rather a lot of things. For many years, whenever I came across a phrase that amused or intrigued me in the book I was reading, I would cruelly dog-ear the page to save the words.

Then, in 2011, I put an end to this carnage, and started a blog of quotes: Book Snippets.

Since then, I have faithfully transcribed my favorite quotes from each book onto this blog. I haven’t dog-eared a page in over four years.

I love these quotes-collections very much, and it seems a bit silly to have them only on a side-blog—so from here on out, whenever I have a new batch of quotes, I will share them here. I will also begin to share some of my favorite quotes past from Book Snippets’s archives. Why? Because I want to.

May you enjoy.