Bookzest Day (AKA Read ALL the Books)

Hi. My name is Molly, and I’m a bookoholic. I love books, and I collect them nigh-obsessively. As such, I have rather a large backlog of books in my house. Although I am very excited to read every last one of them, I adopt books faster than I can read them. My Book Mountain currently looks like this:


On a normal day, I’ll wake up and immediately jump on my computer. This is not an unproductive thing to do, as all my freelance work is done through the computer, and I do also spend a good amount of free time reading enlightening articles online. However, productive as this can sometimes be, it does not help to diminish my Book Mountain.

Thus, I’m going to try something new. I am going to wake up… and I am going to read. And I am going to spend the whole day reading, like I did when I was younger and less computer-dependent. How much of my Book Mountain will I manage to work through? Only time and perseverance will say. (My very first Bookzest Day was January 20, 2012; others will follow whenever life allows.)

Here are my rules:

  • I will spend at least 2/3 of my waking hours reading.
  • I can break for food and furtive email-checks, but I may not accidentally while away the whole day online.
  • I’m free to read anything—fiction, nonfiction, magazines, maple sugar catalogs—as long as it’s not on the computer.
  • Since this is an effective and enjoyable way to delve deeper into my Book Mountain, I will try to repeat it monthly or bimonthly.

If you also suffer from a case of the Book Mountains, why don’t you join me? Or if you’re busy on an Official Hermitina Bookzest Day, why not block out a free day on your calendar right now, and institute that day as your own Bookzest Day?

(P.S. “Read ALL the books” is an allusion to Hyperbole and a Half’s very funny This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult post. If you haven’t read it, it may benefit you.)

9 thoughts on “Bookzest Day (AKA Read ALL the Books)

  1. It is a noble plan, but there are Things you haven’t considered. I suspect that, as you begin to encounter these Things, you will become paralyzed by confusion and indecision, rendering you unable even to read. Here’s one of the crippling Things: Which book will you read first? Are you sure? But why?

  2. This is such a fantastic idea! I’ve been reading a lot lately , so I may do this as well. I have my own to-be-read shelf to work through. Though your Book Mountain makes me feel a bit about my shelf, haha!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been seeing your book ratings fly by on Twitter (via Goodreads); quite impressive. I believe life is much better with a hefty Book Mountain staring at you. :)

      1. Haha! I always forget I have Goodreads connected to my Twitter… until I log into Twitter and then see all my “tweets,” that is. Admittedly I’ve been reading mostly shorter novels this month, which helps the ratings fly by faster.

  3. You are taking after your ancestress. Almost EVERY day is bookzest for me. I make a cup of tea, go back to the nice, soft bed, check my email only for letters from dear ones like you and for the obits –then –read for HOURS!! This is called, in my case, BEING an adult –but one who has already done all those horrid necessities when young. Age does have some compensations! Enjoy it –and, some times you actually get a good idea from it. A woof from Stella and me. G.

    1. I think you’ve hit upon a very wise approach to life, my Granny!
      Someday (once I’ve got all the horrid life necessities out of the way) I aspire to be able to do the very same, albeit with a cat asleep on my legs rather than a sweet doggie.

  4. How come your Book Mountain looks perilous in a charming sort of way, whereas mine seems sloppy and threatening? It may be due to the cobwebs that cover it-I literally have cobwebs on my Book Mountain.
    Heck, let’s have a Bookzest day together-or at least simultaneously. I’ll get a sitter.

    1. You have cobwebs on your Book Mountain? That’s rather impressive, and scenic. (I’m sure you intended it to be scenic, right?) My Book Mountain is only charmingly perilous because I styled & nudged it into place before photographing it.

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