December 26, 2011: The world’s dullest post

I have absolutely nothing to report today, I’m afraid. I spent the entire day cooped up indoors, laboring dutifully away at my volunteer job. In good news, I have finished my current project! — and I don’t think I will need to do any more volunteer work until after my return from Chile. That feels awfully freeing: previously, I’d always felt a little guilty that I wasn’t devoting more time to the volunteer project. (I still need to devote adequate time each week to my real paid job, but thus far, that’s been marvelously easy for me to do.)

The view from inside.

In the evening, just as I was finishing up, there was a short round of fireworks. V. says they’re a test run for the famous Valparaíso New Year’s Eve fireworks. If I’m feeling deeply antisocial on NYE, I could have a rather nice view of the fireworks from my own home, if need be!

Pink roses and pink sunset.

2 thoughts on “December 26, 2011: The world’s dullest post

  1. “from my own home”- there’s nothing quite as wonderful and freeing as realizing you’ve found a home- even a temporary one- in a foreign country.

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