December 7, 2011: Gato Central

What a pleasant thing it is to sleep in a soft bed, with a real wire mattress (instead of the half-squishy one I had in San Pedro), for as long as I like.

I have very little to report today. I spent some time fighting to catch up on my photos from Atacama, and some time fiddling with duties for work-stuff. I also wandered al centro to restock on what has become my staple diet here: avocado, bread, yogurt, vegetables.

In the week that I was gone, all of the street vendors have suddenly switched over to selling Christmas wares: ornaments, wrapping paper, &c. From what I’ve gathered, the bulk of Navidad celebration here happens on the 24th, with minor activity on the 25th — the opposite of what I’m accustomed to, which will be interesting.

Here is a gallery of Chilean cats. (By “gallery,” I mean two photos, and by “Chilean cats,” I mean just the ones who happened to be out and about this afternoon.)

Geranium cat.
Wicked Witch of the East cat.

4 thoughts on “December 7, 2011: Gato Central

  1. Oh, I do love that picture of the Wicked Witch at. I’ve fixed it for you and I’ll e-mail it.

    My primary reaction to your recent writings is: I hope she’s buying me lots of presents in all these cool places.

  2. How come street cats (I’m assuming, though I don’t know why) are healthier-looking and more attractive than my own?

    1. It’s possible that they’re beloved cats who just happen to be outdoor cats, but I don’t know. I assumed they’re street cats too, mostly because I’m an overprotective kitty mother, who would never let her sweeties outside with that many street dogs and speeding cars around.

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