December 8, 2011: Reindeer spring

Another day of catch-up. I must fit in a week’s worth of work on my volunteer job before I head to Mendoza de Argentina (on Sunday), so today included a large portion of fiddling around on my patient computer.

In the early afternoon, I spent some time chatting with another guest at V.’s, who is attending my ol’ Spanish language school for a week. She is from Finland, and plans to travel to several of the same places on my itinerary. I raved about the Salar de Tara tour to her, and she says she may attempt to fit it in when she travels north.

A noteworthy point: I forget if I mentioned that one of the mattress dogs (the chocolate one) had disappeared for several weeks. It made me quite nervous. As of today, both dogs are once again installed on their normal street. They were curled up on opposite sides of a small tree, and I breathed a sigh of relief that the chocolate one hadn’t died somewhere.

In the evening, I headed downtown to meet up with a whole slew of people (M., R., and others). On the way there, I discovered another way the city had changed while I was away: there are Christmas lights now! They are scattered all over the town: animatronic reindeer, Santa Clauses, and blinking icicles. It’s funny how the accoutrements of U.S./Europe wintry Christmases are so far-reaching: this city is decorated with Arctic mammals and ice, when we’re soon to reach the height of summer.

Christmas lights in apartment-windows.

We spent some time on a Chilean acquaintance’s rooftop patio, talking and watching cats perform extraordinary acrobatic feats: leaping from floor to adjoining rooftop with hardly a pause, and poking their heads around the edge of the tarp atop the patio in order to peer at us. After that, we wandered to a bar called Sin Remedio (Inevitable/Irredeemable); how chic.

The decor: David-Bowie-esque mobster-types holding cigarettes.

We hung around there until past the point when I was exceedingly, yawningly sleepy, and then I galloped into a colectivo and back home. Oh, Chilean nightlife, your hours defeat me.

3 thoughts on “December 8, 2011: Reindeer spring

  1. Well, I’m glad you’re so toasty warm. It’s now in the mid-thirties at night here, and I keep the heat set to the year I was born, because I’m broke. The year I was born is very cold for an interior temperature. I wear two jackets around the house.

    Once again, Emmy is asleep by my feet. This morning we got locked into the bathroom (the 100-year-old door handle quit working). Luckily I had my pj’s in there, so that I was clothed when I handed Emmy out the window to Eleni, on a ladder below. I had to bend in ways a 57-year-old oughtn’t, in order to wriggle through the one-foot-high opening, and then hang on to a sliver of window frame as a lowered myself onto the ladder, further below me than I wanted. I’d felt there was a good chance I’d break something, which I would likely have done if I lost my grip, but all was well.

    But enough about me. And since there’s nothing else to talk about, I’ll sign off.

    1. I’m actually rather chilly right now, because I made the wise decision of staying on a coast. But chilly as I may be, it’s still springtime. And if I headed further inland it would be much more furnacelike.

      I like your bathroom story. I’m going to tell Gwanny that you flung your grandbaby out a window. She’d never do the same to *her* grandchildren.

  2. See? I told you your chocolate mattress dog would turn up!
    The apartment-window creatures make me think of the red light district in Amsterdam.
    Hey: it’s the Chilean blue light district!

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