Dominican Republic: Prelude

Hello! I have just returned from a two-week trip to the Dominican Republic, where I was visiting and traveling around with my friend Elana, who is currently working as a Peace Corps Volunteer there.

While I was there, I kept an over-detailed travel journal. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be typing it up, selecting and processing my travel photos, and sharing all of that here, day by day.
[I did a similar thing for my time in Chile, and since that has been invaluable and entertaining to me after the fact, I decided to document this trip with a similar level of detail.]

In the meantime, as an incomplete taste of the trip’s progression, sights, and adventures, here is a list of the actual Google searches I did (on the scattered days when I had access to WiFi), presented entirely without context:

  • dominican republic checkers
  • wooden blinds
  • weather in santiago dominican republic
  • can you eat plantain raw
  • yucas
  • hardware store spanish
  • dinghy
  • types of boats
  • fruits dominican republic
  • coconut
  • poisonous toads dominican republic
  • what to do if you touch a cane toad
  • boat driver spanish
  • leishmaniasis
  • cajuil rojo
  • la churcha saint peter samana
  • dominican national bird
  • how to eat sapote
  • fruit that tastes like milk
  • colors of amber

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