Four Generations, One Backyard

I have hardly anything to say, save this: last weekend, my esteemed grandmother came to California to see us, for the first time in at least a decade. It was a low-key and pleasant visit, filled with small local expeditions and iced tea. Ain’t that nice? Here’s photographic proof, both a silly one and a serious one (or as serious as we get, i.e. not very):

Serious… ish.

6 thoughts on “Four Generations, One Backyard

  1. Thank you for posting this. It was a wonderful weekend. What a treat.
    I need to get wear different clothes, don’t I?
    When attempting to enlarge these they both just turn into photos of a strip of torsos.

    1. Your clothes are lovely. You’re a momma; you get some leeway.
      Re: torso-strips: Yeah, I know. It’s a bug in the WordPress theme I use. I’ve poked around for fixes but none have come. Alas! Want me to email you the full pics?

  2. I didn’t mean “get wear”, of course. And I also meant to say that it was so, so, SO awesome how you surprised us last night. Thanks for watching Emmy so much, without me even bothering to ask, and thanks for being the funniest, falling-downingest Auntie ever. She isn’t nearly as impressed when I do it. What’s your secret?

  3. Love your blog–not quite so fond of the pictures (of me, that is). What a wonderful time I did have with my dear ones. Thank you for coming back on Mon. night.–and for your “pillow letter”! I love you very much!! G.

    1. But you’re the fairest of them all, Small! Alongside Gins and Eleni and Em, of course. I think you’re very pretty in the photos, and I know best.
      I miss you tewwibly, but am so glad I got time with you! Wuv.

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