Hace un año…

A year ago today, I arrived in Santiago de Chile for the first time—terrified, sleep-deprived, and elated. Living in Chile was one of the best choices I’ve made (thus far), and I am still so glad that I made that opportunity.

I look forward to the day when I may return, whether that ends up being months or decades from today.

View from Cerro Concepción, Valparaíso.

5 thoughts on “Hace un año…

  1. I love this photo. I didn’t know they did prayer flags there.

    Isn’t it so cool that you did that! It was just the most perfect decision. (I wonder what you’d be thinking at this moment if you’d joined the Peace Corps. Fun to ponder. At the time I was concerned about your choice, but you tend to know how to make your own decisions, I’ve found.

    I wish I could’ve joined you. Maybe next time. Look at all the things you had amazing cultural and natural experiences. You navigated countries by yourself. You did it in Spanish. You made friends. You managed your time and your budget so that things worked. I could go on. I could never have done that at your age. Absolutely not.

    The trip was also fun for Eleni and me and Mom and others of our acquaintance, because we got to follow you, read your stories, look at your great photos, and worry about you together. I’m eternally grateful for video chatting; that saved my sanity.

    We’re impressed with you, bug, and eagerly watch next steps, hopefully a lot within driving distance, but other kinds too.

    If you thought about it, could you write about:
    Three significant things that you learned while there (what and why).
    Three sights that were the most memorable (and why).
    Three difficult/challenging times or situations.
    Three important things you hope to do/see/experience/accomplish/etc. on your next adventure

    Also, I’d like to know if you’re going to take Eleni and Emmy and Ginna, for four Allison-type girls is a thing to marvel at.

    1. I’m not sure if they’re prayer flags or something more along the lines of simple papel picado… but either way, they are very cool things.

      I really really would love it if someday you, I, and other fambly members could all go back to Chile together—I want to show y’all my semi-adoptive city. I’m glad you liked reading along; it was very enjoyable to share, too! And it’s also been infinitely helpful to have a complete record of my trip to refer to when my memory fails me, as has already happened a few times.

      Your list of four things to ponder is excellent and thought-provoking, and I will try to answer them all in a whole blog sometime soon, eh what.

  2. Mama G. said everything I’d like to have said but lack the articulating abilities to do so. It strikes me at random times just how cool it is that you went to Chile. I will always be so proud of you for every decision you’ve made that led you to embark on that journey, as well as the fact that you not only got by but thrived while there-I’m not surprised by this fact, just that much more impressed that you carved out a little life there.

    1. Thank you! I love that you’re impressed by my trip, sweet gal. Every now and then, it strikes me too, that I actually did that journey, even though it was hard as balls sometimes. (I refer, of course, to golf balls.)

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