Happy New Year

Every year, I find great enjoyment in reading Neil Gaiman’s New Year’s wishes. This year, I want to offer a few wishes of my own.

Wherever you are in your life: I hope that you make further progress in identifying the things that intrigue you, that thrill you, and that fill you with genuine delight.

Recognize when you need to be gentle with yourself. And recognize when you are being lazy or complacent. Practice the distinction between these. Hold yourself accountable for your own action (or inaction), but do so with compassion.

I hope that you kick your own butt and work towards doing the things you privately dream of. Build your own momentum. Push yourself. Realize that bravery is often no more than this.

I hope that you grow.

All my best,


(Pictured above: New Year’s Eve. Valparaíso, Chile. 2011.)

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. From Frank: You’re the oldest young person I know.
    From Anna: Molly, you are so wise.
    From your mama: That is quite lovely, my sage child, and worth reading over and over.

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