Important photos of a wading anteater

In mid-November, I went to the San Francisco Zoo. While there, I gazed joyously at their impressive variety of lemur species, ooh-ed at the many exotic flowers planted beside the pathways, and, as always, took far too many photos.

Then, I got caught up in the hubbub of the holiday season and entirely forgot to share these enlightening photos. However, my blog just feels incomplete and pointless without wading anteaters on it, so I am finally remedying this tragic lack. Aren’t you relieved?

Tentative anteater.
Tentative anteater.

While I’m at it, here are two lemurs & an amiable capybara (click to see larger):

(You can also see a few more SF Zoo photos on my Flickr.)

4 thoughts on “Important photos of a wading anteater

  1. I love the second photo. Anteater is taking a stroll to the store. He has to buy ant seasoning. He is in something of a hurry, but at the last second he thinks, “Life is short. I’m just going to step over and say hi to my friend Capybara.” His poised right front leg has that spontaneous look about it.

  2. M,
    Blogs are indeed incomplete without photos of ant-eaters on them!
    I added a smidgen of completeness to my office by setting a nice replica of the USS Enterprise NC-1701 B atop a cupboard! Next item on the list would be a replica of the Serenity :)


  3. I didn’t know that anteaters waded. I also didn’t know lemurs crossed their legs like that. This is a very educational day for me. I wish I was with you on your zoo trip. Why wasn’t I?!
    “Anteater is taking a stroll to the store” sounds like the premise of a children’s book.

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