January 18, 2012: Pajarito último

An uneventful daytime. I fiddled around with work some more, and I also began preparations for my departure from Chile. I’m working on writing a list of all the items I’ve bought here and their values, so that I don’t forget to declare anything at customs.

I finally finished catching up on photos, as well. Here is a 360º vista of the Mirador Las Torres, which should give you a better notion of that marvelous place. (The zoomed-in part in the middle is because I was trying to show the waterfall, so just pretend you can tell that the white stripe is a waterfall.)

In the evening, I’d nudged my Valparaíso friends into having a final (for now) meet-up with me, at Pajarito (the pleasant, vaguely bird-themed bar I’d visited twice before). M. and R. arrived moments after I did, and we exchanged big hugs and caught up on what we’d been doing since we last saw each other in December. A group of their German friends happened to be at a nearby table, so we merged forces and moved to a larger table.

Within a few hours, more people showed up: S. and A., E. and her compañero T. (who got back into town earlier that day), and C. with his polola J. (too many initials!). It was a lovely crowd of people, and the conversations circled back and forth around the table, with most of us getting a chance to have good conversations with multiple people throughout the evening. I gave M. her birthday present, since I’m leaving before her actual party, and was pleased that she really seemed to like it. At some point, a young magician came by our table and did a few card tricks for us; he was fun to watch, although I wasn’t deeply impressed, since I live with a professional magician in the U.S. and am able to view card tricks just by walking into the living room.

We lingered there for a full five hours, before deciding to head home. We walked out en masse, and then exchanged abundant hugs as small groups splintered off to head in their respective homelike directions. I shared a cab to my cobblestone street with M. and R. and a few new-to-me folk, where we hugged one final time before I cantered up my stairway and home to bed. It was a great last-social-evening, and I’m so glad to have met all these fabulous people in Valparaíso.

2 thoughts on “January 18, 2012: Pajarito último

  1. Did I see a bird flit past those waterfalls? (Which totally looked like waterfalls, by the way.)
    I’m sad for you, that you had to say goodbye to such good people. Modern technology is awesome, though, I’m learning-isn’t it?!-video chatting and social networking and the like.

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