Midwestern Adventures

In December, I visited the Midwest for the very first time. I spent an extended weekend there with my father, passing several days in Iowa City, Iowa and much of a day in Andover, Illinois. A few highlights:

  • Meeting a key handful of my father’s dear college friends: hearing many entertaining stories, sitting together and sharing tasty meals, exploring their college haunts in downtown Iowa City, and looking through photo albums from their early partyin’ days.
  • Checking out the Old Capitol (the state’s first capitol, now a National Historic Landmark) and its well-arranged museum exhibits.
  • Snow. Snow. Snow. Snow layering the trees and sidewalks, and snow drifting down from the sky and speckling itself in my hair and on my fuzzy jacket.
  • Attending the Hultgren family reunion in Andover: meeting dozens of new-to-me, friendly cousins and relatives; sampling all manner of Swedish-Midwestern foods, including lutefisk, tater tot casserole, and ostkaka (Swedish cheesecake); getting to watch a snippet of digitized video from the 1940s, featuring my great-grandparents and my young (early 20s) grandmother attending a family wedding—in the very same Andover church as the reunion!

Here is a handy-dandy slideshow of all my photos from the trip (after you click Play, you can click the four-arrowed icon at the bottom right to make it full-screen):

2 thoughts on “Midwestern Adventures

  1. The first time I tried to watch the slideshow-when you first posted this-I got terribly lost in your Flickr. This time, though, I got the upper hand. Was the reunion itself in Andover? I like the old wood in the Capitol museum. Does the Lutheran Church have any connection to your family? What town was your Dad raised in? As always, I like your picture-taking.

    1. Well done, you, surviving the siren call of Flickr’s depths!
      Yes, the reunion itself was in Andover. The Lutheran Church… I’m not sure! That side of the family had lived in that town for ages, so I am sure there is some connection, I’m just not sure what it is. My Dad was raised partly in Illinois (Moline?) and partly in Michigan.

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