Montréal: Technology! Language! PyCon!

Earlier this month, I was in Montréal for PyCon 2015, a conference about Python. In case you don’t know of it: Python is a very flexible, powerful programming language with amazing support for everything from web development to scientific computing. It is one of my very favorite technologies, so I was genuinely excited to be at this event.

I attended as many talks as humanly possible, because om nom nom Python. Here are the talks that I found the the most interesting and enjoyable. (The full talks list is here, with many of the videos available on YouTube.)

My very favorite talk, hands-down, was Michelle Fullwood’s talk on building a linguistic street map. She is a linguistics grad student who decided to make a map of Singapore color-coded by the linguistic origin of the street names (e.g. Malay, British, Chinese). I loved this talk because, in addition to the topic being fascinating, she struck an excellent balance between theory and example. The talk covers a lot of good machine learning concepts, and it illustrates these very well with bite-sized, effective code snippets. It was great. Even if you haven’t the faintest idea what Python is, it’s worthwhile:

Isn’t that the coolest darn thing? For the curious, you can see the final linguistic streetmap here, and the code is on her GitHub.

Here a few other talks that I enjoyed:


(Previously: I saw the city of Montréal a little bit.)

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