Quotes from Moominvalley in November

Book: Moominvalley in November, by Tove Jansson

The Moomin books are beautifully, simply written. If ever I want to feel peaceful, nature-enclosed, and Nordic, I turn to them.


“There’s nothing so lovely as being comfortable and nothing is so simple.”

“‘There’s no cat here.’
‘It would be easy to get one,’ said Mymble with a grin. ‘You just imagine it and there you are, you’ve got a cat!'”

“I don’t want friends who are kind without really liking me and I don’t want anybody who is kind just so as not to be unpleasant.”

“They disappeared in the swirling snow, lost in that mixed feeling of melancholy and relief that usually accompanies good-byes.”

“His fire had burnt out long ago but he didn’t feel cold. He had that simple but rare ability to retain his own warmth, he gathered it all round him and lay very still and took care not to dream.”

“During the short and violent thunderstorm Mymble had become completely and utterly electric. Sparks flew from her hair and every little bit of down on her arms and legs stood on end and quivered. Now I’m full of ferocity, she thought. I could do anything, but instead I’ll do nothing. Isn’t it marvelous to do just what one feels like.”

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  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Hermitina.

    I like this, among others: “…mixed feeling of melancholy and relief that usually accompanies good-byes.”

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