November 1, 2011: Salud, Dinero, Amor

Both yesterday and today are public holidays in Chile (Reformation Day and All Saints’ Day, respectively). We had the day off from classes yesterday, but not today — so, unlike much of the population, I galloped through el centro de Valpo in the early morning. It was rather eerie: the sky was greyed over, and all of the shops were closed up, their fronts blocked by graffitied metal roll-up doors. Instead of the human trout-stream I have come to expect, there were a pathetic few stragglers, drifting towards whatever holiday or non-holiday destinations they may have had.

Tarot card reading is somewhat popular in Chile. As such, we did a Tarot-style exercise in class, in order to practice the simple future tense. We had four stacks of cards: Tiempo (Time), Salud (Health), Dinero (Money), and Amor (Love). We would pick a classmate, choose a Tiempo card to tell them the timeframe, and then pick a card from one of the other decks (and conjugate its verb into future tense), to tell them their “fortune.” For instance, I was told that I would love two people at the same time, and that I would love an old person, and that I would fight with my boss but I would also receive a raise, and so on. It got very silly.

After class, I went to a classmate’s apartment, where a handful of us prepared a pasta lunch. I then stopped by the supermarket (which I recently learned is a subsidiary company of Walmart — good gracious). I am now all stocked up on cherimoya yogurt, pineapple nectar, instant mushroom soup, and cookies; what more could I need?

(edit: Oh, and a pair of snazzy purple socks, because I’ve run out of clean socks and the supermercado also has a clothing section for no apparent reason.)

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