November 14, 2011: Subjunctive Bird

And back to the Spanish-studying grind. We started a new textbook in class today. Unfortunately, it’s all things I’ve ostensibly already learned (the subjunctive, command-forms). I’m hoping I don’t fall into a “but-I’ve-done-this-already” rut. I suppose, even if I do, it will result in entertaining doodles.

This bird loves the subjunctive. A delicious snack, if only it could reach.

We lunched at a place that seemed to be a cross between a coffee house and an Italian restaurant: all the squishy couches and ambiance of any coffee haunt, but with full lunch service. The pasta was sadly just as squishy as the sofas.

WordPress tells me that someone found my blog by searching for old mattress dog. I think this is a very good sign, indeed.

A bird painting, on an out-of-the-way wall. Its only reasons for existence seem to be that it is beautiful and that there was space. One could build a philosophy from that.

4 thoughts on “November 14, 2011: Subjunctive Bird

  1. And I-the REAL-Eleni-love the wall-bird.
    Re: “old mattress dog”-I’ve used crib mattresses before as makeshift (and just about perfect) dog beds for my old guys. Because you were wondering.

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