November 15, 2011: Palta, palta, everywhere

As predicted, the subjunctive is getting old fast. Even my classmates’ silly sentences about the advisability of eating yellow snow weren’t enough to keep me from beginning to drowse. Alas. With luck, we’ll get through it quickly, and I’ll be able to learn some more new grammar before I finish with classes.

We went back to the coffee-talian restaurant for lunch. Wary of the over-squishy pasta I’d had last time, I instead browsed their sandwich menu. Hot cheese, ham, boring… aha! Tostada con palta (toast with avocado). Two plain slices of toast and a small bowl of mushed avocado: simple perfection. Have I mentioned the Chilean proclivity for putting avocado on everything? Even the international fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King have special Chilean items on their menu that feature avocado. I could not approve more of this tendency.

I grabbed another randomly-selected pastry, in the spirit of exploration. It’s basically a cinnamon roll, except minus the cinnamon, and the roll. I suppose that means it’s just a hunk of sweetbread with some frosting on top. It is big enough to serve both as an afternoon snack and as tomorrow’s breakfast.

Hello, I am a pastry of misleading appearance.

I’ve been working on researching the two big trips I want to do (San Pedro de Atacama and Torres del Paine). Right now, I think I’ll do one at the beginning of December, and the other at the beginning of January. Many of the prices I’ve been finding online are exorbitant, sadly, so tomorrow I may go ask around at some travel agencies in person, to get more information. This part of the planning process is intimidating and frustrating, but with exciting edges.

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    1. San Pedro de Atacama is a small, touristy town in the middle of the Atacama Desert, to the north. It will be my starting point for deserty wonderfulness. I’m going there in… oh crap, four days! Torres del Paine is a national park down south in Patagonia, with lakes and glaciers and mountains. I will go there at the beginning of January.

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