November 16, 2011: Después de la lluvia

Another cold cloudy morning, but with a new twist: mist in the air and dampness coating the ground, the remnants of rain late last night. This instantly turned my grey-cloudy-impatience into rain-euphoria, and it imbued everything in the city with an extra sense of vitality.

One of the ex-mattress dogs (the cream-colored one) has injured his back leg, and currently only moves by hopping both back legs together. The chocolate dog lingers faithfully nearby. I would I could help them, but I don’t have the faintest idea where to begin.

More subjunctive during classes. During the second half of class, we drew cards describing various situations — your landlady runs the floor polisher at 6am, your classmates ask if they should visit the town where you live — which prompted animated discussions. We were theoretically using the subjunctive, but often got so talkative that we would forget. Since my primary objective is to improve my spoken/heard Spanish, this was fine by me.

There's a giant, garish stage being erected in the plaza; I know not why. Please note the people dangling upside-down from the structure.

After class, we went to a restaurant which was rumored to have excellent seafood empanadas. Moments after we sat down, they served us bread with a complimentary round of Pisco Sours: Chile’s national drink, a lime and pisco (grape brandy) cocktail. What a nice country, where free lunchtime cocktails are as ubiquitous as bread! I re-encountered my spicy-food conundrum: they served a spicy salsa that I had no difficulty eating. What is this world coming to? For lunch, I had a crab and cheese empanada, which was crisp, delectable, and definitely worthy of the recommendation.

After a brief stop at the supermercado, I paused to browse several tables’ worth of books for sale, set up in the plaza. I was almost captured by a Spanish-language abridged version of Jane Eyre. Instead, in the last box on the table, I discovered an intriguing 500-peso book, an integration of black and white illustrations with poetry. It is called Terrenalis, by Sergio Badilla Castillo. I had never heard of him before, but after having read his bio, am even more curious to sample his work.

I must not come home with an entire suitcase full of Spanish books.

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  1. Subjunctivitis

    I think that if a dog has a hurt leg, you need to bring him home to me. It is not necessary that you have a special permit. If I were able to do something, I would. I wish that yellow dog were my new friend. Then I would be happy.

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