November 2, 2011: ¿Te gustaría panqueques?

We started learning the conditional tense in class today. I think I will nickname it “that tense that I probably should have already been using for half of my Spanish utterances.” For example: the polite, refined “I would like to eat breakfast” instead of the naïvely chipper “I like to eat breakfast!” Later, I tried very hard to explain to my teacher how U.S. higher education works, post-Bachelor’s, but I don’t think my Spanish explanation made much sense. It hardly makes sense in English.

After class, I went to lunch with M. and R.: panqueques and instant coffee. I picked the panqueques because they sounded excitingly like pancakes, but they’re actually thin crepes overloaded with dulce de leche: tasty, but too sweet for my preference (lo, such things are possible). We then meandered around Valpo and stocked up on postcards. We also browsed a shoe store where all the merchandise was displayed in disordered bins — a treasure-hunting adventure (or an intimidation for those like me, who fear shoe shopping). I also finally got my Very Own Chilean Prepaid Cell Phone. It is inexpensive and old-fashioned, but quite functional. If you would like the number, let me know, although I’m not certain if it can receive international calls.

Have I shown you the garden? There’s a lovely back garden/patio at V.’s house. I have barely used it, but it’s comforting to know that it’s there.

Some of the walls are brick, with roses climbing up 'em.
There are many potted cacti and succulents! I hug them everyday.
There are also tables and chairs, under a shade-canopy (complete with paper bell).
Some of the garden walls are topped with broken glass, for extra security.
It's actually rather lovely (in a stabby type of way).

5 thoughts on “November 2, 2011: ¿Te gustaría panqueques?

  1. Yes, the stabby sort of lovely. I know it well.
    What’s say you bring some cacti home for me?
    Love your pictures.
    Please send along the phone number to your Very Own Chilean Prepaid Cell Phone. Thanks.

    1. Sweet lovely stabby.
      I would love to bring a cactus home for you but it’d probably illegal. How about I buy you a cactus from Ace Gardenware, stick a big “CHILE” sticker on it, and give that to you instead?
      Phone number: see your email inbox.

  2. The wall is very like my heart.

    I thought that gusteria was something different… oh wait: I guess it is one of the conditionals. And then what they call the subjunctive is what we’d call other kinds of conditional. Like the 2nd or 3rd or something? Who knows.

    I have a cold, I think. I’m gonna watch an episode of Lie To Me, blow my nose, drink my tea and go to sleep, even though I just got home from work.

    I miss you.

    1. Your heart is greenish, comes from beer, and is beautiful in the sunlight?
      Mi maestro dijo que la subjunctive and the conditional can overlap a fair amount — there are quite a few situations where you could use either.
      I miss you more.

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