November 22, 2011: Jacaranda calendar

Classes and meals and street-wanderings. I have settled comfortably into a routine, just in time to finish with classes next Monday and start a whole new routine.

Do you know of Linnaeus’s flower clocks? Along those lines, Valparaíso seems rather like a floral calendar, with the progression of different blooms marking the passage of the weeks. (Actually, this could probably be said of any city with more than four species of trees.) From late October to mid-November, we had the white-snow blossoms of the locust trees. Now, those are beginning to wilt, but they have been replaced by a profusion of stunning violet jacaranda blossoms.

I really love jacarandas.

I tried to research what the tree with red things is, but no luck. Do you know?

I have the impractical aspiration of making a pumpkin pie sometime this week. I hunted for premade pie crusts today, but they do not seem to exist here. I have located pumpkins, though, so if I’m willing to risk making my own pie crust (whilst converting to metric), then it could happen. We’ll see. En el mercado, I did find a lovely purple blouse, which almost matches the jacarandas.

Here is a dashing, heroic fella, with a pigeon taken up residence on his head.

I’ve been meaning to start a Spanish vocabulary notebook for some time, and I finally got around to it this afternoon. I marked up several pages with lists of useful adverbial phrases. Also, as is only appropriate for Chile, I prefaced it with a poem by Pablo Neruda. Hopefully its hallowed pages will become a useful supplement to my Spanish.

5 thoughts on “November 22, 2011: Jacaranda calendar

  1. The tree with the red things is called The Little Orangie Dot Tree. Duh.

    Does that man have huevos?

    You can’t preface anything with Pablo Neruda without telling us the preface too.

    1. OH, the Little Orangey Dot Tree! How could I have been so careless?
      I did not check if that man has huevos. Shall I?
      For you, my love, I will post the preface when I do today’s post.

  2. I actually mark the passage of the seasons with Bob’s Fruit Clock:

    April (blackberry)
    May (raspberry)
    June (peach)
    July (apricot)
    August (fig)
    November (fuyu-kaki/persimmon)
    December (mikan/mandarin orange)

    Hmm, looks like I have a few months to fill in. B-)

    1. Travel to the Southern Hemisphere; then you can fill in ALL the months! (Picture that said Hyperbole-and-a-Half-ishly.)

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