November 25, 2011: Tug of war

Everyday considerations: “Hmm, it’s been over a month; I should swap in a new pair of contact lenses. Good plan! But I should wait until the weekend, just in case I run into tear gas downtown this week. It would suck to get tear gas in a fresh pair of contacts. Much better for the old pair.”

We had our subjunctive test, which took almost the entire class-day. The oral examination was entertaining, though: I got to wax poetic about the legalization and ramifications of drugs.

Afterward, I went to lunch with schoolmate E. (of Austria). On the way there, we passed by an unusual scene: an army of workers in red jackets and blue hard hats, all tugging in unison on a cable that led down into a deep hole. A game of tug of war with the sidewalk.

Who will win?
Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee.

A few days ago, I asked the Internet about the red-flowered tree that I had found amongst the jacarandas. The general consensus is genus Erythrina (coral tree). Today, I went back to look closer at the flowers, and that seems a probable identification. What a funny-looking, interesting fella.

Erythrina flower. Also, my hand.
And a closer-up of the flowers on the tree.
The ground was flooded from an overenthusiastic watering, and blanketed with Erythrina and Jacaranda blossoms.

At the grocery, I discovered yet another unfamiliar fruit, labelled nispero. I grabbed two of them, and then came home to Google what they are. The dictionary says that nispero means medlar, a fruit I had only ever heard of in Shakespeare. I think they may actually be loquats (or “Japanese medlars”); evidently the U.S. imports loquats from Chile in November and December, so that would make more sense. Either way, I’ve never tried them — but soon I shall!

Here are some botanical doodles I did yesterday in Spanish class. One of them started out as a Spanish bluebell, but ended up a bit more succulent-y. The other is intended to be a tulip (you may have heard of them).

6 thoughts on “November 25, 2011: Tug of war

  1. I will not allow you to go to plant-drawing at RISD without me. Mommy: if you are anywhere that you can hear me, would you please let me go to school at RISD with Molly, where I can study art? Thank you, Mommy.

    1. I’m looking forward to trying them; they *feel* delicious! Any tips for when is the best time (ripeness-wise) to devour them?

    1. Still nothin’ more than a pipe dream. But a pipe dream that’s been occupying my mind a lot, and that could be feasible, maybe, maybe… we’ll see!

  2. What you didn’t know was that there was another gang in Santiago, pulling on the other end. “Who will win?” indeed!

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