November 28, 2011: El fin de curso

My final day of Spanish school today. Since all my classmates had either finished with classes last week or were taking this week off, I ended up in a private lesson with a new teacher, which was excellent. Whereas it took us two weeks to cover the first half of the textbook (subjunctive) in the group lessons, we were able to start and finish the entire second half (imperative/commands) in today’s one-on-one class. What a nice change of pace. (I was sad not to have my last class with the guy who’s been my teacher all along, since he was very good, but I liked the new teacher too.)

Once we finished, I filled out their evaluation form (summary: overall satisfactory, but oh lawd the subjunctive; perhaps students could test out if they already know it?). After exchanging hugs with a few staff members, I galloped off into the sunset. And with that, my five weeks of Spanish classes come to an end.

Towering weeds. I don't know why, but I really like all the tiny intricate shapes.

In celebration, I went with schoolmates to try Emporio La Rosa’s apparently famous ice cream. My flavors were frutilla (strawberry) and, fittingly, rosa (rose). The frutilla was quite serviceable, and the rosa was fascinating — a vanilla interlaced with a perfumed rose flavor. Me gusta mucho. It also came with the coolest ice cream spoon I’ve ever encountered, shaped like a little trowel.

Look at that spoon!

An intriguing new vocabulary word from V. today: lunares, literally meaning “spots” or “lunar,” but also used to describe anything polka-dotted. I’ve always found “polka-dot” to be too unwieldy, and so I savor its Spanish equivalent.

Today is Cyber Monday in the U.S. (the online-shopping equivalent of Black Friday). I had expected to approach this pseudo-holiday with indifference. However, last night, I noticed that LAN Airlines (the largest airline company in Chile) had adopted Cyber Monday, and that they just so happened to have an insanely inexpensive promotion price for the flight to Patagonia that I’ve been procrastinating on purchasing for weeks… perfect! So now my plane tickets south are all settled, and more pleasantly than anticipated.

Another view from the sunporch: afternoon cobblestones.

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  1. I didn’t know you had cobblestones within spittin’ distance. Steep street, and old-looking. I expect to see horse-drawn carriages clomping their way down any second. I wonder if I missed any Internet Monday (or whatever) deals that I should have known about. Cyber Monday: what a world. What’s tomorrow?

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