November 29, 2011: I’m on a Boat!

This morning, I met up with M., R., and S. (a German girl who has recently arrived in Chile) to take a short boat trip around Valparaíso Harbor. When we arrived at the docking area, we were immediately accosted by people eager to entice us onto their boats. We waffled, wary of tourist-hunters, and skeptically opted to go with an insistent, friendly man who told us he would take us on a private tour for 2.000 (~$4) apiece.

It turned out to have been a wonderful choice. The man entertained us throughout the whole ride with facts of questionable veracity, about various marine animals and port activities. We had a marvelous view of the whole port and all of Valpo’s rolling hills, and we were able to get a close view of the strange contraptions used in cargo loading and holding. We also saw a handful of sea lions (en español, lobo marino, or sea wolf), as well as assorted marine birds.

The prow of our little boat.

A floating drydock, in the middle of the bay - to lift and repair boats.
Buoy & view of the city.
Sea lion napping atop a buoy, and undoubtedly wondering, "Why must you disturb my cozy slumbers?!"
Cargo ship and many unloaded containers.
View of the far side of the bay (in the direction of Viña).
Sea lions flopped down asleep, right on the bow of a cargo ship. With one fella popping up out of the water to say hello.
Tug, here!
Glimmering ocean-reflections on the hull of a ship.

There are also even more photos on my Flickr.

That is all I can say for now; it was a delightful experience, but I’m hurriedly finishing packing, so the photos must suffice. Tomorrow I go to San Pedro! I’ve just realized that my plan of only taking a carry-on is not viable, since I need my contact lens fluid, at bare minimum, and would rather not buy all-new toiletries there. Damn no-liquids airline rules. The best laid plans…! I’m not yet sure if I will be updating from San Pedro or not, but I shall return to these hallowed pages when I can.

5 thoughts on “November 29, 2011: I’m on a Boat!

  1. Ma says she loves you and misses you but is really busy tonight and will talk to you soon.
    I like the idea of “sea-wolf”. If I had any imagination, it would make sense.

    1. “Sea-wolf” is kinda funny, I think, because normally we think of ’em as big sleepy dorky critters, but that lends an air of predatory ferocity to them. (I guess “lion” might have one, but it’s so lexicalized these days that it seems ordinary and un-fierce.)

  2. Wait! Don’t go! I’ve been correcting papers for the last forty-two thousand hours, after being soundly chastised by a colleague for missing a due date that I had been unaware of, and warning me to get my act together next time, an attitude that makes a fanatically reliable person like me altogether cranky, yet I replied with utmost politeness that I was sorry for the miscommunication. I dumped all my lesson-planning to do the work and now I won’t have graded my own students’ papers, unless I get up at 5:00, which I guess I’ll have to, so I’d better go to sleep, but I’ll call you first. Happy trails, little bunny rabbit.

    Eleni: Thank you for telling her I’m busy!

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