November 3, 2011: Perros del cerro

Today, I shall introduce you to my neighboring dogs. Every morning, on my walk to school, I pass a torn-up old mattress, and every morning, the same two dogs are peacefully asleep on it — a cream-colored dog, and a chocolate lab sort of fellow.

Yes, we have our own personal mattress.

When I walk back home, they’re usually hanging out on the other side of that same street, or sleeping in a dusty hole in the sidewalk. I always greet them: “Hola, perros!”, so they doubtless think I’m mad (to anthropomorphize shamelessly).

He makes sidewalk-holes look unnaturally comfortable.

We continued with the Conditional tense in class today. This tense bears a strong similarity to the Snidely Bitchy tense (pardon my French, grandmother). Here are two examples from our classwork:

  • Antón te quiere mucho, pero te querría más si fueras más cariñosa. / Anton loves you a lot, but he would love you more if you were more affectionate.
  • Haces bien la comida, pero la harías mejor con un poquito más de cuidado. / You make good food, but you would make better food if you were a bit more careful. [paraphrased]

See? Not very friendly at all.

I braved a large shiny bank and successfully withdrew rent money for the time I’ll be here. I then grabbed a hot empanada de pino — the typical Chilean empanada, which contains ground beef, onions, black olives (complete with pit), raisins, and startling hard-boiled eggs. Tasty, though. I settled back in at home, and attempted to read a Spanish children’s chapter book about superheroes. I surrendered after a few pages, but soon, Spanish superheroes, you shall be mine.

Oh, one thing from yesterday that I forgot to mention: I visited my first Chilean bookstore! It was a marvel. Shelves and trays of plastic-wrapped books, including a few that I haven’t read before by Pablo Neruda and Isabel Allende… and Gabriel García Márquez, Gabriela Mistral… books on Mapuche anthropology and language… Patagonian field-guides… old tatuaje (tattoo) magazines… At first I thought that it might be my dream bookstore, but I think it is better categorized as a dream bookstore for a me-who-speaks-better-Spanish. Perhaps me in two months? Here’s a-hopin’.

And here's a cat sleeping very happily on a sunny dirtpile.

9 thoughts on “November 3, 2011: Perros del cerro

  1. Ackshully, she wrote it for me, because I’m the one who likes dogs. I LOVE the picture (and caption) of the sidewalk-pup. And I’m so proud of you for what you’re doing and for your attitude while you’re doing it. (And by the way, I’m proud of my other daughter for being a good mommy to the most important person in the world.) I miss everyone. But I get to see Yo-Nenny and Yo-Emmy tomorrow. If you’re home then, maybe we can video chat with you.

    1. I love my sidewalk-pups. I know I shouldn’t pet them but maybe I could bring them treats or food, whatcha think?
      And I am glad you are proud of me. And if I am home tonight, I would LOVE to video chat with all of you. In fact, I shall demand it. (There’s a slim chance I might go to a party, but I’m a tad tired.)

  2. Molly, the photos and comments are wonderful !! I am so glad you are keeping us all posted on your adventure. I am able to see and feel what your are experiencing.


    1. Thanks, Miz Anna! It’s wonderful to hear that you’re reading and enjoying this. I hope all is well on your side! Hugs to you and Frank.

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