November 6, 2011: Banana palm honey

Slept late, recovering from my night out at the circus. Moseyed around the house: a little work, a little straightening. The other end of the sun-porch has a really cool view. To get to that part of the porch, I have to shimmy past assorted large objects, but it’s worthwhile. The neighbors have a lush, jungle-esque garden in their backyard, at which I could stare for hours.

Sun-porch gazing.

In the early evening, I met the niece of a friend of two dear family friends. She (MH) is a student in Valpo, and lives with her brother in Viña del Mar. We had linked up on Facebook before I arrived, and yesterday, we made plans by phone to get together for coffee today. We went to Emporio La Rosa, a café which reportedly sells some of the best ice cream in Chile, in flavors like Banana Palm Honey and Rose. I ordered a real coffee with real milk, to the delight of my taste buds and the indignation of my stomach. We chatted about our studies and our hometowns and other things. It was the longest one-on-one, all-Spanish conversation I’ve had so far; thankfully, she was patient with me.

MH and I both detoured to the supermercado for assorted groceries, and then parted ways, having made plans to meet again on Wednesday. I caught a colectivo back up my hill, just in time for sunset.

I like the little blob of extra-colorful houses on the left.

7 thoughts on “November 6, 2011: Banana palm honey

  1. Wow, Molly, it’s really beautiful there. What an awesome view you have. Looks like I have several entries to catch up on! I’m glad I can stalk you from afar…

  2. Are you allowed to sleep in? I thought your body explodes when that happens ….

  3. Oh, and just so you know, it’s supposed to dip down into the 30s tonight. Do enjoy your ice cream and Chilean spring!

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