November 7, 2011: Tree-cage puppies

Yesterday, Daylight Savings Time ended in the U.S., so I am now a full five hours’ difference from my Californian compatriots. For example, when I wake up for school in the mornings, it’s only 2am California time — how odd.

My neighborhood dogs were evicted from their mattress at some point last weekend. I walked down to school today, and there was a big bare spot where their mattress had been. The two of them were asleep, crammed onto a tiny pile of pillows that the mattress-snatcher had left behind. Poor deprived dears. In other dog-news, I took a photo of my favorite dog-nap spot (which I mentioned before): the bottom of a metal tree-frame.

"Don't I look like a tree?"

A new student joined my Spanish class today: an American! The first American I’ve actually talked to in Chile. She is from Missouri, and, like me, is here for three months, although she plans to do more travel out-of-country. It’s startling to hear an American accent.

After class, I tagged along with classmates to lunch. We went to a staffed buffet where, for a few mil pesos, one could choose one entrée and two sides. I had some kind of delicious vegetable gratin, plus sliced potatoes and corn. There were two Chileans in our dining group, so we used Spanish (instead of English/German) — useful practice. Afterwards, I stopped by the correo to mail a fistful of things, and marched back up my hill.

2 thoughts on “November 7, 2011: Tree-cage puppies

  1. Greetings from the land of Occupy Everything.
    Looks like our Fred could be a belly up Chilean cat.
    But not Nelly Gray (who is very proud of capturing her first mouse).
    Mr. C & I visited Chez Mama last weekend. Everything silly.
    Miss You!

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