October 23, 2011: If I make it three months without making a “chilly in Chile” joke, it’ll be a miracle

Chile is demographically a very Christian country. As such, this Sunday morning is filled with church bells, as well as dogs’ responses to aforementioned bells. A stately “dong, dong” followed by choruses of less-stately howls: “owowowow!”

Very chilly here today. I spent some time setting up this brand-new shiny blog, with my feet tucked under the laptop for the added warmth. In the afternoon, V. asked if I’d like to come along to El Centro with her — certainly, anything to get warmed up! We stopped at a bakery which had many unfamiliar (but appealing) foodstuffs; next time, I shall have to pick a pastry at random and try it out. We also visited an open-air market, which had everything from a tiny jungle of potted plants to Spanish translations of popular English books.

Finally, we reached the supermercado, which had two busy floors and an uphill moving walkway. I bought my first Chilean supply of food: wheat bread, plantanos, a packet of soup powder, frozen vegetables, and a minuscule jar of peanut butter. Peanut butter seems to be an oddity here: they had only one jar in the whole store. V. told me it was too high in calories for her preference. In the frozen (“congelado”) section, they had what I can only describe as an ice cream loaf. I’m curious, but not convinced. Here’s a picture:

(via http://www.bresler.cl/productos/cartedor/creaciones/suspiroLimeno.html)

To get home, we took a colectivo, a very cheap taxi that seats four people at a time and will drop you anywhere within a particular small area (with different-numbered colectivos servicing different neighborhoods). An excellent idea! Now I am drinking hot mint tea to stay defrosted.

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