October 24, 2011: Estudié español, estudiaba español

My first day of Spanish school today. It’s a 20-minute walk from my lodging; V. had marked the route on a map for me, and I managed to navigate there without getting lost. (Actually, I ended up knocking at the Chilean Navy Commander’s building, but the kind uniformed guards pointed me in the right direction. Since my school was right across the street, I’d call that a win.)

The school is divided into classes of 1-6 people, dependent on level. My class currently has four other students, all from Germany or Switzerland. We worked on the distinction between the preterite and imperfect tenses, and also began to poke at the past perfect. It was an odd combination of “oh yes, I’ve learnt this a million times before” and “WHAT IS HAPPENING NOTHING MAKES SENSE.”

After lessons, I went to lunch with the others in my class, which was wonderful. Immediately upon leaving the school-building, we switched over from Spanish to a strange mixture of Spanish, English, and German. We found a seafood restaurant, and, upon a classmate’s recommendation, most of us ordered el menú del día, an inexpensive daily special (offered at many restaurants?) which included a tasty bowl of soup, a giant fillet of somefish over rice, and a questionable pineapple-flan-ish dessert.

One of my classmates lives in my direction, and I walked halfway home with her, with a stop to glance at postcards of Valpo. Then, the trek up my hill (grueling, but doubtless good for me) and back into my B&B cave. V. just brought me a postre: fresh strawberries, ice cream, and two cookies. I delight!

Oh hey, do you want a postcard? If you do, drop me an email with your mailing address. Or leave me a comment and I’ll email you.

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  1. Postcards! Yeah! I want to learn French, which doesn’t help you at all, but I’m over Spanish. No matter how useful it is in CA.

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