October 25, 2011: Guacamole spackle

Up and at ’em early for class again. Chatted with a singer-friend of V.’s over breakfast, and then galloped down the hill to study more Spanish. (I’ve discovered that if it’s before 8:30am, everything I’m doing is a horrible idea and I don’t wanna do it and why, but as soon as it’s 9:30am, I pop back into normal-cheery mode. This is why I am not allowed to make important decisions in the mornings.)

In class, we wrote a page about un evento importante in our lives, in order to practice more with all those fancy past tenses. I wrote about El Nacimiento De Mi Sobrina, the birth of my lovely wee niece (because I’m a big ol’ softy sometimes).

I had a hot dog for lunch, to my great surprise: I went to a sandwicheria and ordered their special, which looked like a bread roll covered in green and white goop, but turned out to be a hot dog cunningly spackled over with sliced tomatoes and a mountain of guacamole. I also stopped by the panadería and grabbed a cheese empanada for dinner, as well as an unknown pastry for an afternoon snack. (edit: a Google Image search for “Chilean pastries” suggests that they are called berlines, and are the Chilean equivalent of a Berliner, except filled with dulce de leche instead of jam.)

I also took some photographs. Here are three of them, plus a picture of the alleged berlin. (I uploaded a total of 16 photos today. If you want to see more of comely Valpo, you can look at all of them here on my Flickr.)

City of many levels.
Roadside altar.
Red and blue.
Yo soy un berlin.

10 thoughts on “October 25, 2011: Guacamole spackle

  1. I think you should try a new pan dulce cada dia . How do you make an accent over an i, pray tell? I’m listening to Mexican music as I write. What’s Brazilian music like? More to the point, what’s Chilean music like? Do they have pan pipes like Pan had, in his time? Tu no eres un berlin. Eres una galleta con chocolate. Soy un papel con scribbles.

    Buenas noches, my niña simpatica.

    1. I may, I may. They’re awfully cheap, but they could always have things in them that my delicate English belly is unaccustomed to, so I must be careful. You make an i-accent by typing option-E, then I. I don’t know what Chilean music is like — so far, I’ve heard a man and his daughter singing the Star Wars theme together, but that’s about it. No soy una galleta, soy una tortuga. Eres un milagro.

    1. If I remember correctly: without the accent, it would diphthongize and be pronounced: Pa-na-DER-ya. With the accent, the vowels are marked as separate syllables, so it’s Pa-na-der-EE-a. The spelling “panaderia” is valid as well, because accents are a pain in the butt to type, but the pronunciation implies an accent (whether or not it’s written).

      1. Huh. So then “buenos días” for example is technically the correct spelling.

    1. No picture. It wasn’t great, but only because the hot dog was flaccid and pale. I think, with a good hotdog and good guacamole, it would be AMAZING. Shall we try it?

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