October 27, 2011: Protests and miscellany

Do you know about the Chilean student protests? If not, you can read some background here. As part of that, every Thursday in Valparaíso, the student protestors march upon Congress. We heard their chants all morning during Spanish class, and could distantly see crowds beginning to form and Chilean flags waving. When I left class, there were fully-suited riot police and armored vehicles all over the city. They were checking the identification of all student-aged people who passed by, although they were completely unconcerned by obvious foreigners like myself. It is strange to be in a position of relative immunity.

M. was telling me that the police frequently fire tear gas canisters during the protests, and that, even though she stays away from them, the gas wafts into the air outside her lodging, and she can feel its effect whenever she goes outside on protest days. I’m likely safe from that in my casa in the hills, but it’s interesting.


The only other thing I have to report is that I went grocery shopping today.

I took a picture of my groceries because I figured that was wiser than trying to photograph the riot cops.

The pineapple nectar was a fine choice. I’m thinking of finding an extra suitcase, and filling it with nothing but bottles upon bottles of pineapple nectar.

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