October 29, 2011: On a beach with black sand

No classes today, so my classmates made plans to meet at 10am and head to the beach. Initially, we’d been thinking of going to a beach at Laguna Verde, but apparently the water there is very dangerous due to whirlpools. Instead, we opted to go to Concón, a beach with black sand about forty minutes away. The whole busride there, I hummed America’s “A Horse With No Name” to myself, but instead: I’ve been through the desert on a beach with black sand, because the syllables matched up. And then I couldn’t get it out of my head.

¡Zona tsunamis! What a dramatically-illustrated sign.

Concón turned out to have grey sand, and was extraordinarily windy. There were about thirty horses tethered under a sunshade, available for beach rides; every so often somebody would canter by, and all the beach-dogs would bark furiously. There was a factory off in the distance, belching smoke and puffs of fire, which gave the area a sort of hellfire feeling. We ate our picnic lunch, and then settled down on our towels, to read or to nap.

Concón beach.
Sweet dog. He noticed we had a picnic lunch, and begged for food. When we refused, he flumped down and napped near us for most of the time we were there.

Eventually, the sand in our eyes became too persistent, so we grabbed a bus to another beach, this time in Viña del Mar. Reñaca Beach had gold sand and was much less windy. Again, we spread out our things, and read and napped. One of my classmates braved the chilly water to go for a dip. I got a lot of reading done (John Waters’ Role Models), but never quite warmed up enough to swim. Still, very relaxing. And sandy.

The water was like glass. Beautiful.

I fear I’m not very good at being a beach bum. Does that mean I get my California card revoked?

And I conclude this post with a sleepy dog.

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