Official Chilean Round-Up

Hello again, my intrepid readers. I thought it might be useful for me to compile a post full of links pointing to a variety of Chilean things: all the trip photos, my favorite days in Chile, &c. So here we go!

If you want to see all the decent photos I took on my Chile trip, here is the Chile Trip Flickr set. Beware: it’s almost 800 photos. There’s a handy-dandy slideshow-view option at the upper right.

If you’d like to see just the photos from Valparaíso and its adjacent friends, there’s a Central Chile Flickr set. There’s also a special set for my trip to the Atacama Desert, my trip to Argentina, and my trip down to Patagonia.

If you’re one of my three faithful readers but you’d like to retrace my travels, or if you didn’t have a chance to read the blog the whole time and would like to read some highlights, here are some notable blogposts and things I did:


V. and I wrote back and forth several times after my return. At the end of one of her emails, she included a sentence which I thought quite lovely: Algun dia encontranos nuevamente. El mundo es pequeño cuando hay amor (“Someday we will meet again. The world is small when there is love”).

4 thoughts on “Official Chilean Round-Up

  1. I love you. I am glad you’re home. I very much like V__________’s quote. I’m happy you had a successful trip. Am I one of your three most faithfulest readers? Who are the uvver two?

  2. But I’m the most faithfullest of all!
    It takes me awhile-what, 10 days in this instance?-but still and all…
    But you simply must have more than three faithful readers-I’d guess you’ve got a handful of shadow-lurkers, too.
    I’m really glad you set this blog up. Are you?
    That quote got me a little verklempt. Have you written to each other since this post?

    1. You are fairest of them all, also.
      I’m sure I do have a few shadow-lurkers or sporadic readers, but I only know that I have three people who faithfully peruse everything I put up… eventually.
      I am glad! I must find more things to say, but I like the present-and-future of having a blog of my very own.
      We have not written to each other lately. I keep meaning to sign onto Skype and video-chat her, but then I don’t remember until it’s too late Chilean time.

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