October 20, 2011: Airports and more airports

I departed from Sacramento at an hour that should not exist, and from there, to Houston, and then to Mexico City, and finally, boarded the plane to Santiago.

I think I managed to sleep only about an hour the night before leaving — ah, the joy of nerves and red-eye flights. Thus, today, I found myself nodding off any time I sat still for more than ten seconds (which is a situation that arises with uncommon frequency when one is traveling by plane). On my first flight, I don’t even remember the plane taking off, so conked was I. I would wake up long enough to order a Coke, and then I’d be back to cramped plane-sleeping; I might awake with a knee or neck in stabbing pain, readjust, and re-conk.

I revived temporarily with a godly bagel and smoothie at Houston. Read More

A first post

Hello! This is Molly’s blog (a work-in-progress, but a glorious one).

Initially, I will use this space to document my travels in Chile. After that, I intend to continue blogging now and then about my daily life (wrestling Virginian black bears, piloting space-planes, rescuing infant marmosets… that old chestnut).

Do you have any questions? No? Good.