Poetic Interlude (del Museo)

A translation of a poem from the wall of the Gustavo Le Paige Museum’s La Sala del Tesoro.

They are here.
They discovered this plateau
ten millennia ago
and they tamed it
as their singular
promised home.

They built villages
and cities
amidst the
fruitful oases
and the silence.

Here is where they all come from,
alive and dead,
in the projection of adobe
and of cement,
convening past and future
for the reclamation
of their soul:
the most ancient,
the most earthly.

They are here
in this
the Treasure House
of the pueblos
of Atacama…

(translated by Hermitina)

(Translation is fun! If you have any suggestions to refine my translation, do tell, by all means.)

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