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Carl Zimmer is a science writer whose blog, for years, has had a special section devoted to science tattoos from numerous disciplines: Science Tattoo Emporium. There are even a few linguistics tattoos! He recently released a beautiful-quality book based on the Emporium, the appropriately titled Science Ink; I got my very own copy earlier this year.

Last week, he offered signed bookplates to any and all of his blog followers who wanted one. I sent the kind man an email request, and received a bookplate within a few days, by post:


This is one of the most fabulous things about the Internet: its ability to put artists, writers, musicians, scientists, and all kinds of nifty minds in direct contact with other nifty and/or appreciative minds. It’s an extraordinary, evolving environment, and I am delighted every time I see the technology used in a particularly engaging manner.

4 thoughts on “Science Ink bookplate

  1. I love you like daffodils and rockets. You are one of my two favorite daughters in the world.

  2. I am actually not familiar with this but it looks definitely interesting and even exciting.. I have to check this book for my husband..

  3. How cool! It was free? That’s not my business, I guess, but it sounds as though he was giving them out? Awesome, either way. What a prize.
    Give me an example of a linguistics tattoo, please.

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