Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo

Last weekend, I went to the Oakland Zoo for my sister’s birthday, along with my niece, my brother-in-law, and my mother. I am certain that this was the best idea for a birthday outing ever suggested, but my sister tends to be brilliant like that. It was my young niece’s very first zoo trip, and we all had a blast.

I would say something heartwarming about how visiting the zoo with a child allows me to recapture the excitement of the zoo trips of my youth… but really, I’d be fooling no one. I love visiting a well-maintained zoo, and while I begin the day with a facade of mature dignity, I’m soon bouncing around and exulting in everything from the bats and the tigers to the exciting exotic flora. Still, it was a fresh delight to explore the area with family and niece in tow, pointing the child towards all the animals and laughing as she greeted every single one with an amiable wave.

It was an ideal day for the zoo: wintry, but only mildly chill, and with the sun looming bright behind the white clouds. Although we arrived late in the afternoon, we had plenty of time to stroll leisurely around and see everything we’d hoped to. Such is the benefit of smaller zoos.

Did you know that, besides humans, there’s only one species of primate that can have blue eyes? Well, now you do. The species in question is one of my favorite types of lemur, the Sclater’s lemur (or the blue-eyed black lemur). This also happened to be one of the two species of lemurs they had at the zoo, to my excitement.

Sclater’s lemur / Eulemur flavifrons. I wish my scientific name was that snazzy.
A pile of Lemur catta, who were hanging out directly underneath the viewing platform.

Here are a few more photos, for your viewing pleasure:

An otter rolling around on the grass. It happens to the best of us.
A tiger, whose ferocity was slightly diminished by the pink Valentine’s decorations all over her enclosure, but whose dignity remained unmarred.

8 thoughts on “Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo

  1. Isn’t the bat lair just aMAZing.

    And please knock off the mature dignity while at the zoo. Small children, lemurs and carousels have no patience for that sort of nonsense.

  2. I was just delighted that you came along! You were adorable-maybe even cuter than my own daughter? Thanks for such an awesome day (and thank you, Ninna, for treating us)!

    1. I could never be cuter than your daughter, but I’m at least more well-spoken. For now. I had a more awesome day than YOU! Let’s do it again.

  3. BTW-did you ever figure out what that flower was? I don’t remember-might have been the picture you posted, or an entirely different one.

    1. Yes, I did! (It is the one pictured here.) It’s most likely a Ribes sanguineum, or a red-flowering currant. I feel kind of silly because I already knew two species of currant, but just didn’t notice the similarity. Although I’d never seen my currant species in bloom, so I guess I’m allowed a free pass on this one.

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