Sweet Comments from Spammers

I get rather a large number of comments from spammers on this here blog. I do use reCAPTCHA (the thing that makes you type weird wavy words before you can comment) to minimize spam, but every week, several spunky spammers fight their way through the anti-spam filter, leaving me a few pages of advertisement-ridden comments.

Usually, I just skim and delete these comments, but now and then, one of them catches my eye with a pearl of wit and wisdom (or a dose of odd, amusing phrasing). Here are a few of those, carefully compiled over months:

  • “I as well am an aspiring blog blogger.”
  • “Around the globe you most likely are a single person, and yet to specific you most likely are the globe.”
  • “And lastly, I am at all times happy with all the attractive creative ideas you give.”
  • “So keep your eye on the loaves of bread.”
  • “Adore is almost certainly fallible in the birth and labor, having said that it stretches healthier as we grow old when it’s successfully provided with.”
  • “Thanks a ton for transmitting this convey, the coat is really what we envisioned.”
  • “Contentment is known as a perfume.”
  • “If you happen to may sustain your secret by means of an opponent, show the item will not a mate.”
Also the name of my favorite brand of fondue.

One thought on “Sweet Comments from Spammers

  1. Hitherto foray seminal ideas entranced heavenward supershoes.

    On another subject, my friend just brought me three pieces of gourmet chocolate. They are painted naked ladies. Truth be told, I don’t know what to do with them. They glare at me so. I think I’ll eat the orange cake instead.

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