November 11, 2011: Lion rampant reguardant

A beautiful sunny morning. I galloped from the house wearing only one jacket. Within an hour, the temperature had dropped by 10º, and I was left shivering and glaring at Valpo’s fickle weather. We had a test in class, and spent the remainder of the time chatting about television (M. is also a fan of British comedy, hoorah!).

In the afternoon, I wandered around downtown Valpo with my classmates. My classmate C. was searching for a cap emblazoned with the logo of a particular soccer team, but had no luck. We did stumble across a cool cultural event, though: in honor of the date (11/11/11, the centennial birthday of the surrealist painter Robert Matta), there was an event called “11 Murales para Matta.” Eleven different artists were set up around the plaza, and each had eleven hours to complete a mural apiece. It was fascinating to watch them work.

This was my favorite mural: simple, precise daubs of color that made the bulls seem alive.

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