Valparaíso Student Protests: Thoughts and Photos

For the last six months, there have been student protests throughout Chile, fueled by dissatisfaction with the high cost and low quality of Chilean education and underlain by the country’s high wealth inequality gap. Many of the protests have been centered in Santiago, but Valparaíso also sees its fair share of activity, since both the Universidad de Valparaíso and the National Congress of Chile are located here.

Crowds gathering in Plaza Sotomayor.

The protestors call for educación pública, gratuita, y de calidad — public, free, quality education. Thus far, the government has offered better student loan interest rates and is in the process of voting to increase education spending. However, the students say that these actions are insufficient, equivalent to putting duct tape over the gaping holes in the hull of a sinking ship, rather than building a new ship. Read More