Lazybum Recipes: Gluten-Free Ginger-Molasses Cookies

It is autumn, and everything ought to be ginger (and pumpkin, and peppermint). I’ve been wanting to experiment more with gluten-free desserts, and these cookies—adapted from my grandmother’s repertoire of delicious things—seemed like they might be more forgiving of the gluten swap, since they’re thinner and finer than many cookies.

I will share my (unquestionably thrilling) cookie-process with you here; while I do want to tweak the recipe some more, I was pleased with how they turned out!

These cookies are much more time-consuming to make than one might expect: since they’re so thin, it takes many batches to use up all the batter, and since the baking time is so brief, you must hover nearby like an anxious mother bird the whole time. However, once you get into the swing of it, it ain’t so bad. Read More

Lazybum Recipes: Pavlova

This recipe really shouldn’t count as lazybum, as it’s a little bit more complex than my usual preference… but it’s also much easier to make than you’d expect a fancy meringue dessert to be, so that counts in its favor.

Pavlova is my very favorite dessert ever. It’s a giant meringue: a crisp and crunchy meringue shell on the outside, and a soft and marshmallow-textured meringue interior. It’s usually topped with whipped cream and whatever snazzy fruits are in season. As an added bonus, it’s naturally gluten-free, so it tastes exactly as sublime as it should.

If your meringue cake cracks during (or after) baking, never fear! That’s what the whipped cream and fruit are for. They will cover it up perfectly, and none shall ever be the wiser. Read More