Draw What Now?

I have a delightful new pastime: an iPhone game called Draw Something, which is functionally a shiny, digital version of the older word game Pictionary. I was initially skeptical, since it has had a meteoric rise in popularity and I am unnecessarily wary of popular things. However, as soon as I’d played a few rounds with my housemates and friends, I embraced it with glee.

Here’s what it does: you pair yourself up with friends and/or strangers, and the game gives you three choices of word to draw. Then, you illustrate the word by tracing your wobbly fingers (or a stylus) across the touchscreen, in such a way that your companion will (hopefully) guess it. You can do anything from stick figures to elaborately colored masterpieces.

As adults, it is rare that we have spontaneous drawing parties with our friends — we do not tend to flop down together onto the kitchen floor with pads of paper and colored pencils, awash with the enthusiasm of creation (alas!). Read More