The Flowers of Santa Barbara

Greetings, neglected three readers! It’s been a month since we last spoke; my busyness levels have ramped up from Pretty Busy to Quite Damn Busy. I’m working approximately 1.2 jobs now, which is a good thing but all-consuming.

Last week, I returned from two weeks in Santa Barbara, where I was attending the annual academic conference I help organize. I stayed in a room with a view of the Pacific Ocean, and spent my time scurrying around and trying to keep everything running smoothly. In addition, I held a human brain in my hands during a brain dissection, went on a wholly pleasant wine tasting tour by bus in the Santa Ynez Valley, and had my first surfing lesson (very fun).

On the Saturday after my conference ended, I realized I had packed my digital SLR camera but had completely failed to find the time to use it. So, in the grey, misty morning, I spent an hour walking around UC Santa Barbara’s Native Plant Habitats. I took far too many pictures of every single plant I encountered, as well as a few birds and oceans an’ things. It was an engrossing and peaceful way to end my trip.

To show you a selection of my photos (mostly from my last day in Santa Barbara), I have prepared a snazzy WordPress gallery. You can click on any old photo below (ideally the first one), and then use the arrow keys or mouse to progress through them all.


You can also see more Santa Barbara trip photos on my Flickr.

5 thoughts on “The Flowers of Santa Barbara

  1. Dunedelion is very clever-something my husband would think up, and we all know how funny he is. Puns are the best.
    How can I say “I wish I was walking along that beach with you, holding your hand” without sounding creepy and/or incestuous?

  2. It really makes me cranky to have to write this comment three times. I don’t remember what I said. Why do you make me do this. You are an evil little Napoleonic child.

    I said I like spiky balls, and that I will hug them, just as I do the lowly ocotillo. I said I liked the bird photo (but I don’t any more) and I wondered if the birds pooped on your head.

    Like you, I wondered at the wisdom of “dunedelion.”

    I thought your pictures were quite clear, except those that were fuzzy, and those were fuzzy because that’s how the plants were.

    Really, you have to leave me alone now. SOME people have to work.

    Yes, Erreni: they are little whitey dots, I’m so sure. But why was the red flower crying.

    And I think I might have said that I should move to Santa Barbara, if your pictures can be trusted.

    1. We KNOW you like spiky balls, m’dear. You’ve said so many times.

      “I thought your pictures were quite clear, except those that were fuzzy, and those were fuzzy because that’s how the plants were.” — I find this quite describes all of life, really.

      Santa Barbara is nice, and only a little exorbitantly expensive. Mr. John Cleese lives there, I believe. And I’d trust his judgment in home location.

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