The Philosophical Cats of Summertime

As Davis’s sweltering summer overwhelmed my household, I accumulated a large collection of photographs of melting cats. (This cat-melting is a natural phenomenon that happens in very warm climes; they safely revert to normal cat shapes by nightfall.)

None of my melted feline pictures seemed worthy of a post all on their own, so I saved them all up … but now that the cats have switched over to tunneling behavior instead of plaintive melting, I believe it is now time to share them with the world. To spice things up a little, I’ve also paired each summer cat photo with a relevant quotation.

“What will it be like to die? What is on the other side? Only night and silence?”
— Isabel Allende

“Should I perhaps peruse a thousand books to learn
that people everywhere have suffered,
that now and then someone was happy?”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (in “Faust I”)
“Illusions mistaken for truth are the pavement under our feet. They are what we call civilization.”
— Barbara Kingsolver
“There is a certain peace that comes with the realization you aren’t ruining anyone else’s life but your own.”
— Alina Simone
“Don’t you see, if only I could live the rest of my life in some new way! If I could only wake some still, bright morning and feel that life had begun again; that the past was forgotten and had vanished like smoke. Oh, to begin life anew! Tell me, tell me how to begin.”
— Anton Chekhov (in “Uncle Vanya”)
“Imagine an escape. Imagine that your own shadow on the wall is a perfect door.”
— Sherman Alexie

Thus, I leave you enlightened and encattened.

4 thoughts to “The Philosophical Cats of Summertime”

  1. Well, at least now I can see one good reason for the existence of cats. My fave photo is Percy reaching an arm out of the womb. My favorite quote is the Allende one, in this context. Or in any context, actually.

    You be one silly girl.

  2. Beautifully done, artfully rendered, yadda yadda. I wish I were as well read as you. As it stands, fiction bewilders me. I like your “cat-shapes” reference. I don’t, however, like cats, except for yours. Oh, and mine. I guess.

  3. This post was pilfered for quotes that were desperately clamoring to be put on my tumblr.

    Also, you seriously need to have a career in writing, this post is living proof.

    1. Eeeeee. Ahem. Thank you. I really ought to get on that, except that it is terrifying (the writing career, that is).

      I pilfered all of the quotes from my own quotes Tumblr, which I figured was fair play.

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